In Copenhagen, you can now check into the engine room of an industrial crane. Credit: The Krane

Ever dreamed of a hotel without the other guests? In the Danish capital, a bevy of quirky single-residency boutiques cater to this pandemic-friendly whim

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Suddenly, it pays to be the only guest checking in. Copenhagen’s recent uptick in single-suite hotels over the past decade has never seemed more prescient than it does now, and in line with the country’s reputation for envelope-pushing design, a string of stylish, intimate pads now offer a truly unique stay in the city. Take The Darling, which opened its doors in October in the city’s historical centre and serves up a sophisticated townhouse experience, with luxe Nordic furniture and art throughout the apartment — plus, a pre-arrival concierge service to minimise human interaction. From €950 (£832) a night.

Other properties have capitalised on the city’s waterfront location. Afloat in a quiet nook of the Christianshavn district is Kaj Hotel, a hut-cum-houseboat made from upcycled materials with a wood-panelled aesthetic that epitomises the concept of hygge (the Danes’ obsession with all things cosy). From 2,500 DKK (£295) a night.

Det Flydende Shelter (Danish for The Floating Shelter) also offers the serenity of the harbour, this time as part of an on-water camping experience on a rustic, roofed pontoon accessed only by kayak. It’s a taste of the wild in the heart of the metropolis: pack your camping stove and sleeping bag and even enjoy a sunrise dip as the city wakes up around you. From 495 DKK (£58) a night.

Then there’s the perfect idiosyncratic hotel to complement a truly unusual time — why not check into the engine room of an industrial crane? With its gorgeous views, twin sun terraces and post-industrial luxury design, The Krane is one of the standouts in the Danish capital’s one-room hotel scene. And, best of all, there’s not another guest in sight. From 6,000 DKK (£707) a night.

Published in the Jan/Feb 2021 issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK)

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