Humpback whale, Pacific coast. Credit: Amelia Duggan

From animal encounters in rainforests to culinary experiences in historic cities, Colombia offers a heady mix of wild and cosmopolitan

Few countries can boast the cultural and geographic diversity of Colombia; its melting pot population, rich pre-Columbian heritage, historic cities and dramatic landscapes make the nation one of this decade’s in-demand destinations. Stretching from the Caribbean to the Pacific to the Amazon Basin, and fringed by miles of alluring beaches, Colombia offers travelers myriad locations for off-the-beaten-track adventures. Its cities are a major draw, too: Bogotá is in the throes of an artistic and culinary renaissance, while Medellín’s globally recognized regeneration schemes have seen it blossom into a sophisticated cultural center. This heady mix of contrasts—wild and cosmopolitan, ancient and new—defines any visit to Colombia.


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